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About Us

P.A. Benjamin Manufacturing Company Ltd, manufactures quality Jamaican products, bringing them to your home for over a century. Benjamins now introduces new range of Personal Care luxury products for you with our newest Brand; Benjamins Cosmetics. 


In the 1870s, Percival Austin Benjamins, a young Jamaican, parlayed his keen interest in commonly used Jamaican practices into the manufacturing of quality locally produced products that can compete with imported international products.

Today Benjamins continues to be one of Jamaica’s most exceptional Manufacturing companies. Over the years, Benjamins has continuously evolved, and now we have tapped into the beauty industry.  


Benjamins Cosmetics Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) line is made with authentic JBCO and other natural oils for healthy hair. Our products were specially formulated with love and only the best ingredients to infuse your hair with shine, hydration and softness.


We offer luxurious, premium natural oils and skincare items that are gentle enough for daily use — promoting healthy hair and skin. 


It is the same brand that you have come to know, and love is now available for your beauty needs.

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