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For luxurious hair and radiant skin!



Benjamins beard oil is really the best I have used on the market. It leaves my beard soft and shiny. Highly recommended!

Odaine McMillan, Businessman 

Attractive Woman with Afro

Really love the Benjamins Cosmetics Shampoo! It thoroughly cleanses my hair without stripping it of moisture.

Olivia Heart, Lawyer

The oils are amazing! The real castor oil smell, reminds me of being in Jamaica. The oils can be used separately, as a booster to the conditioner and leave-in, or added to a lighter oil mixture for hot oil treatments. In my opinion, castor oil is too heavy for the scalp and tends to clog the hair follicles if overused. I used the castor oil/pimento combination on my client with low porosity hair. I mixed it with the conditioner and the leave in. The warming spicy aspect of the pimento helped to warm up and lift the cuticles so the conditioner and leave in could penetrate resulting in very moist and smooth hair strands.

Susan L. Peterkin, Owner of Jaha Hair Studio in Maryland as well as Co-founder for Natural Hair Industry Convention

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